Where Are We Now? – Where Do We Truly Want to Be?

Racial Harmony, Understanding & Tolerance

Al Johnson is the creator/founder of the Bullies Be Gone! Project, ages 9-17 and adults.  Since 1985, Al has taught thousands anti-bullying, safety, awareness, self-confidence, and racial harmony skills and techniques.  In addition, Al is a special education educator, poet, singer, songwriter, and master of the martial arts.

Because of recent events and the racial climate in our country, Al was inspired to write the poem “Where Are We Now?  Where Do We Truly Want to Be?” Al felt the poem would be more impacting if performed on video.  Attached is the video of that performance.

Al experienced firsthand the nastiness, belittling, and negative emotional effects of overt and mandated racial discrimination, segregation, and racism in the 40s, 50s, and 60s in Jonesboro, Ak and Kansas City, MO.  Through much guidance and teaching from his parents and other responsible adults, Al learned not to hate anyone, even though people were hating him, for no reason other than the color of his skin.  His hate dissipated and vanished, never to return, decades ago.  Al is deeply affected by what is transpiring in our country in 2020 regarding racial harmony, understanding, and tolerance.  It is shameful after more than half a century, our nation continues experiencing confusion, division, lack of understanding, and hate regarding racial harmony, respect, and justice.

The intention of Al’s poem, anti-bullying original poetry books, music, and Bullies Be Gone! Project comprehensive training is to help bring about racial harmony, understanding, and tolerance and to eliminate and prevent bullying uniquely and effectively.

Al Johnson seeks media, educational institutions, police agencies, churches, businesses, political agencies, social organizations, and community exposure.

Al asks after viewing the video, I would appreciate your assistance in any way deemed appropriate and feasible in obtaining this exposure.  The entire video is less than 7 minutes in length (including credits).  Please contact me after your perusal as to your interest in my proposal.  I will follow up in a reasonable period if I have not heard from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.