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 Do you need Personalized Solutions for:

  • Enhancing your knowledge of uniquely effective anti-bullying skills that eliminate and prevent bullying for your school, youth organization, church, or community?

  • Expanding Anti-Bullying and Social Skills knowledge in Innovative and Unique ways such as with Music, Rap, Poetry, Dance, Role-playing, Storytelling, Mental Toughness, and Keen Awareness skills and techniques training to eliminate and prevent bullying?

  • Training and supporting children and teens with Self-Empowerment tools that Eliminate and Prevent bullying, Cyberspace & Offline? (Skills that currently 95% of all ages DO NOT possess knowledge of)

  • Effective Controlling & Escaping Self-Defense Skills against a bully, without fighting, until a responsible adult is on the scene and/or immediately notified?

  • A better understanding of School, Workplace, and Environmental Diversity without having apprehensions of openly discussing a delicate subject?

  • What children, teens, and adults must know to do if gunfire breaks out around them, no matter where they may happen to be. (Anti-Active Shooter Training)

As an Administrator, Educator, or Leader, firsthand access to effective and unique applicable anti-bullying, safety, awareness, and self-confidence training for those you administer, employ, inspire, or teach, is now available.

Here, children are learning one of the six (6) elements in the “Stop Sign” Technique to keep them safe.

Al Johnson’s personalized coaching and training programs support communities all over the nation.  He shares his extensive expertise and passion to make a difference with 1:1 and a variety of personalized consulting programs tailored to fit your needs.

Here, the staff of Manhattan Beach, CA’s Recreation and Parks Department are learning Bullies Be Gone! Project anti-bullying skills and techniques to pass on to the children they will be responsible for.

Start making a difference today with Al’s support.  Schedule your complimentary 30-minute personalized call with Al Johnson to see how he can support your organization and/or your community tomorrow.

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