Teacher Training

The Comprehensive Nat’l Award-winning Bullies Be Gone! Project 8-Hour Teacher Training & Certification

Give teachers and administrators the skills to teach effective Anti-Bullying Skills & Techniques using Poetry, Creative Arts, and Unique training – Year-Round in their classroom’s grades 4-12

This training is Sustainable & Effective in Self-Empowerment Training for Children & Teens that Eliminates & Prevents Bullying – Guaranteed!

COMMON CORE Language Arts and Life Standards are addressed in BBGP training:  Critical Thinking, Critical Discussion, Reading, Vocabulary Building, Writing, and Creativity.  Also, Effective Social and Vital Life Skills training are addressed, while students learn Anti-Bullying skills that can last a lifetime and save children’s lives.

95% of children and teens, no matter their place of residence, DO NOT possess the Comprehensive Vital Life Skills Training the Bullies Be Gone! Project effectively and uniquely teaches. (The true percentage probably is higher) 

Objectives of the Year-Round Classroom BBGP Training for Teachers & Administrators

  • Develop and Enhance the knowledge and skills from a uniquely effective and Nat’l Award-Winning Anti-Bullying Skills program designed to Eliminate and Prevent Bullying
  • Expand Anti-Bullying and Social Skills knowledge in new, unique, and innovative ways such as with music, rapping, poetry, dance, role-playing, storytelling, and keen awareness skills training to eliminate and prevent bullying
  • Train and support children and teens with self-empowerment tools that eliminate and prevent bullying, cyberspace & offline? 
  • Related Anti-Bullying Storytelling – Real-life Bullying scenarios
  • Keen Environmental Awareness Training
  • Hitting “The Light Switch” – How this applies to Bullying
  • The 3Rs – How this applies to Bullying
  • Body Language – How this applies to Bullying
  • Mental Toughness Training – How this applies to Bullying
  • SIC – The importance of this acronym and its application to Bullying
  • The Stop Sign Technique – How this applies to Bullying
  • Emergency Running Skills – How this applies to Bullying
  • Meditation Training for Review, Recall, and Retention
  • Develop a better and healthier understanding of school and environmental diversity without having apprehensions of openly discussing a delicate subject? (Racial Harmony, Understanding, and Tolerance)

Begin making a difference today in the lives of children and teens you raise, teach, and serve.  The Bullies Be Gone! Project Comprehensive, Effective, and Unique 8-Hour Teacher & Administrator Training is unlike any other anti-bullying training.

In Person or Online