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Protect your school and school districts from the mounting Bullying Lawsuits sweeping the Nation.

Check out the following reports from the Justice Matters Action Center:

Lawsuits against schools – Bullying related:

  • Loudon County School faces $25 million Bullying Lawsuit.
  • Palm Beach County Schools faces Bullying Lawsuit.
  • In the U.S., the war against Bullying is being fought with increasing Civil lawsuits.





WORDS in the “Bullies Be Gone! Project” are written to Effectively, with Sustainability, focus on the latter, with Impactful Self-Empowering WORDS for children and teens.

I am Al Johnson, the Creator/Founder of the “Bullies Be Gone! Project”.

Here, I am teaching children “Body Language” skills as one of the numerous methods I teach to prevent being Bullied.

  • I have helped thousands of children and teens eliminate and prevent bullying.
  • In 1985, l was asked by officials in the City of Manhattan Beach, CA to create a program that would teach children and teens anti-bullying, safety, awareness, racial harmony, and self-confidence.
  • Included were Self-defense skills for controlling and escaping purposes only (not fighting to solve a bullying problem).
  • At the time, I was teaching Special Education at the high school level.
  • I also operated my own karate studio in Redondo Beach, CA, and taught martial arts for two South Bay, CA cities through their Parks & Recreation Departments.

With 25 years of teaching Special Education at the secondary level, 36 years teaching my “Bullies Be Gone! Project”, and having been a victim of bullying, (including Racial Bullying) I’ve developed several unique and original methods for children and teens to effectively eliminate and prevent bullying.  

One method is to help educators in schools remind students daily of the emotional impact of bullying.  The following self-empowering messages have been provided on a set of 4, (3’x 5’) colorful vinyl banners, with Life-Changing Words and impactful illustrations.

Student Classroom Activity Related to the Banners:

  • Teachers can give students creative writing assignments directly related to the Banners.
  • Critical Discussion and Critical Thinking can be classroom activities.
  • Students should write their interpretations of the illustration’s theme/main idea as it relates to anti-bullying and social skills.
  • Creative Writing, Critical Thinking, and Critical Discussion should be the learning process with the Banners, as well as building self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Students should write out and discuss any Hidden Message(s) they see in the illustration and the Banner message itself.


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The Benefits of having these impactful 3’x 5’ banners in your school present the opportunity for children to read Self-Empowerment messages each and every day throughout the school year. 

In addition, the banners provide the following:

  • Students and staff alike will be able to apply original Anti-bullying Messages, that could have a lifetime impact.
  • Sustainable WORDS & PHRASES that will inspire, motivate, build self-confidence & heal will be continuously displayed.
  • MINDSET changing messages, strongly encouraging Bullies to cease their inappropriate behavior will be apparent for all students to view daily.

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand the Anti-bullying, Social Skills & Wellness Self-Empowerment MINDSET of your Children, Teens & Staff.

Get your set of 4 vinyl life-changing banners NOW!

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The following is what a Community Official, Professionals & Children think of Al Johnson’s “Bullies Be Gone! Project” Training:

“It is with pleasure and great enthusiasm that I write this Testimonial for Mr. Al Johnson. I have known and worked with Mr. Johnson on numerous projects for over 31 years evolving around the vital issue of Building youth self-esteem, safety for youth and community members, Martial Arts-Self-Defense Classes and workshops, Stranger Danger Project and most recently the ‘Bullies Be Gone! Project’.”

“Mr. Johnson is renowned for his ability to positively connect with persons of all ages. It is truly an honor and a privilege to work with Mr. Al Johnson, on all issues impacting the wellbeing of the community.” 

Idris Jassim Al-Oboudi City of Carson, CA, Director of Community Services / Parks and Recreation Executive Director of the Carson Community Services

 Here, I am putting the staff of Manhattan Beach, CA’s Recreation & Parks Department through warm-up Anti-Bullying training fitness drills.


“The ‘Bullies Be Gone! Project’ taught me how the bully or kidnapper thinks and how to backfire their element of surprise.  It also taught me how to react to very important and threatening situations.”    Lance, Age 12


Here, I am teaching children one element of the “Stop Sign” Technique from my BBGP training to keep them safe.


Liane Brouillette, Professor

School of Education

University of California, Irvine    

Irvine, CA 92697-5500, March 4, 2020   


Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to recommend Al Johnson’s “Bullies Be Gone! Project” workshop for teachers.

For the last three years, Al Johnson has presented his anti-bullying workshop to aspiring teachers in my Arts and Human Development class at the University of California, Irvine. Al is keenly aware of how vulnerable middle and high school students can be to intimidation and abuse by peers. His presentation builds awareness of how attitude, words, and posture can be used to discourage mistreatment when adults are not present.

Critical to these sessions are poems Al Johnson has written to exemplify the attitude with which a student should respond when surprised, intimidated, or confused by the aggression of peers. Students learn how, without using force, to utilize words and body language to confidently disengage from a confrontational situation. At the same time, students learn to be alert to possible threats in their environment.

The aspiring teachers in my class have repeatedly expressed their appreciation for a workshop on helping students who may have been bullied and who are looking for ways to avoid continued victimization. Rehearsing how students may respond to common forms of aggression helps them to develop non-violent responses they can fall back on when others try to intimidate them.

Best regards,


Liane Brouillette, Professor – liane.brouillette@ucirvine

Here, I am teaching Self-defense to the staff of Manhattan Beach, CA’s Recreation & Parks Department.


“This class was a great experience for myself.  It made me feel very confident and much more aware of the things around me.  Now, I know some self-defense and anti-bully skills, so if I really do get bullied, captured, or kidnapped, I will know what to do.  I don’t think that anything in the class was bad.  I want to tell Al Johnson that I have learned something that will keep me safe for the rest of my life! Thanks”!    Melissa, Age 12


Al Johnson is a caring, dynamic, sensitive, and real as real can get man.  The children and staff have learned so much from his teaching and workshops, they have been eye-opening and inspiring and truly priceless.”

David Ibarra, Recreation Supervisor, City of Manhattan Beach


“I liked how now I can always know what to do in a situation.  Now, I feel safe walking to school, doing things in public, and just talking to my friends.  I was afraid at first about some things but, once I learned how to do it, it wasn’t scary anymore.  I really liked that we refreshed our memory after every activity.  I also like how you never said anything you thought would frighten us.”  

Lauren, Age 10


“As an advocate for young women, I am troubled by the incidences of bullying experienced by young people at a time when their self-esteem is quite vulnerable.  Al Johnson’s comprehensive approach to anti-bullying is a highly effective and most welcomed tool.   A must-have for parents and school districts alike.”

Sandra Knight, Health Care Administrator


“I lurened how to be safe.  I did not feel safe entill I had this class.”

Alexis, Age 8 (unedited)


 Here, I am teaching children another of the six (6) elements of the “Stop Sign” technique to keep them safe.


“Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for adolescents, ages 15-19 years old” AAP News & Journals

The three most contributing factors are:

  • Learning of another’s suicide around the same age
  • Pathologic Internet use and related online issues, including Cyberbullying
  • Lack of treatment with antidepressant medication when indicated and recommended

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