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Bullies Be Gone! Project

Comprehensive Training

By Al Johnson


Cyberspace Bullying is a major concern for children and teens.  Vicious, Vitriolic Words and Postings deface, demean, and deflate a child’s and teen’s self-confidence and self-esteem in ways that can be detrimental to their safety, welfare, and even their life.


This informative, interactive, uniquely creative, and effective presentation will introduce words, phrases, stanzas, poems, and self-empowerment techniques to eliminate, offset, and prevent the negative effects of cyberspace bullying.

Children & Teens Learn effective skills on how to:

  • Roleplay and deliver self-empowerment words with belief and conviction, all to eliminate and prevent bullying.
  • Post-self-empowerment words that create the element of Surprise & Confusion. (Bullies do not do well with Surprise and Confusion)
  • Develop a powerful Cyberspace Anti-Bullying Mindset.
  • Develop critical inner strengths that will make the Cyberspace Bully appear insignificant and ineffective, rather than frightening and intimidating.

What is the Theme/Main Idea of this illustration and what could be hidden messages? 

Children are asked to answer the question as they interpret the illustration.

The following is one of 5 empowering original poems specifically designed for Cyberspace Anti-Bullying Training for children & teens


The rumors online about me, coming from you, are lies and you know it.

Are you spreading rumors because you’re really jealous of me and this is how you’ve chosen to show it?

Come on, is spreading vicious, stupid rumors the best you can do?

You are trying to destroy me, but the truth is, in the end, your lies are going to destroy you.

If your intent was to make me feel bad about myself, with rumors spreading all over the internet,

Congratulations, you initially succeeded, but I refuse to go into a shell-of-shame because of you.  I now declare your rumors meaningless at best.

You see, my parents and others that care about me have helped me find my inner strength that was stuck in quicksand.

I looked in the mirror one day and decided no one can destroy me unless I allow him or her to.  Moreover, I should be quite proud of who I am.

So, I strongly suggest you cease spreading your rumors and lies about me or anyone else throughout cyberspace.

Your rumors online have no clout anymore.  I declare them baseless and empty threats.  In the real world of decent, good, and respectful people where I live, your rumors have no place.

Al Johnson

The bold printed words and phrases in the poem are for students to critically think, discuss, and build vocabulary related to cyberspace anti-bullying training.



Year-round Supplemental Curriculum for Children, ages 9-17, grades 4-12 which can be implemented at any time during the academic school year

Today, far too many children, teens, and adults DO NOT consistently practice keen environmental awareness.  By not doing so, the bully has the advantage, making it easier to inflict his/her will.  Because of today’s fixation with electronic devices and limited body language training, becoming a victim is much easier.  The Bully discovers very quickly ways he/she can have a deflating mental or physical effect on children, teens, and adults, leading to domination and intimidation.

This informative, interactive, uniquely creative, and effective presentation will highlight the importance of developing and maintaining keen environmental awareness skills, proper body language, and mental toughness directly relating to bullying, no matter the person’s age.  Role-Playing will be a major component of this training.

Children learn how to:

  • Develop (Keen Environmental Awareness) skills that could be the difference between becoming a victim of a bully or possibly never being approached with negative intent by a bully.
  • Mentally “hit the light switch” in a bullying or emergency situation, whether child, teen, or adult, and specifically what it means to “hit the light switch.”
  • Apply the elements of the 3Rs in a bullying or threatening situation, whether child, teen or adult.
  • Apply the elements of SIC in a bullying or threatening situation, whether child, teen, or adult.
  • Develop, maintain, and effectively use mental toughness skills and techniques.
  • Apply Emergency Running skills to escape harm, if necessary. (6 elements comprise this training – children practice and role-play these skills)
  • How to create the Elements of Surprise, Confusion & Applying the Unexpected
  • And More!



There have been numerous studies concluding, lack of physical exercise in children, teens, and adults partially stem from the extended use of electronic devices.  Added to the deficiency are lethargy, either not finding, or making time for minimal exercising, and any other excuses to not exercise on a regular basis.

A child, teen, or adult in good or improved physical condition, is less likely to be Bullied because their self-confidence and overall demeanor cause them to appear oftentimes uninviting to bullies.

Here, I am teaching warm-up physical fitness exercises to the staff of Manhattan Beach, CA’s Recreation & Parks Department to pass on to the children they will be responsible for.

Children and teens who possess self-defense skills to control and/or escape from a physical bullying encounter are self-empowered to prevent possible physical harm.  These skills may be absolutely necessary in a physical encounter with a bully, simply because 99.9% of the time, there is no adult on the scene when a child or teen is being physically bullied.

Controlling and Escaping from a bully IS NOT FIGHTING THE BULLY!  Fighting to solve a bullying problem for children and teens in our program is always discouraged and NEVER TAUGHT! 

Note:  BBGP Controlling techniques ARE NOT taught in the 19 Module Comprehensive training.  This is a separate training unto itself.


Children learn how to:

  • Develop simple and fun physical fitness skills that can become routine, for better overall self-confidence – Current physical condition IS NOT a prerequisite for learning these skills.
  • Apply Mental Self-Defense skills Only!
  • “Emergency Running Skills” – Regular playground or everyday Running IS NOT EFFECTIVE “EMERGENCY RUNNING.”
  • Apply the 3Rs if gunfire breaks out in a public place.  Although fear will come into play, knowing the 3Rs and how to apply them, could give a child, teen, or adult the best chance to avoid harm.


Speaker BIO:  Al Johnson has taught thousands of children, teens, and adults in California, effective anti-bullying, safety, awareness, and self-confidence skills since 1985.  Al is the creator and founder of the Young, Alert, and Aware Program, (Ages 5-15) which is now the Bullies Be Gone!  Project. (Ages 9-17 & Adults)

Al is a published author of 12 poetry books,  including his newly released Bullies Be Gone!  Project Poetry Book, with illustrations, training manuals for children, teens, parents & teachers, and his Coming Together in Harmony Audiobook, subtitle: Racial Harmony, Understanding, and Tolerance.

Al has received numerous poetry awards, including the 2017 Poet’s Showcase and Yearbook Award recognizing and featuring the best poets of 2017.  Al has featured poems in numerous anthologies.  Al’s poem, “The Will To Win” has been selected to be published in the 2017 New England Poetry Anthology.  Al has recently completed a wonderful poem for humanity, entitled “Envision,” with music, pictures, and Al’s oral performance.

Al is an accomplished singer and songwriter with a catalog of over 130 original titles, with 5 vocal albums and 2 instrumental albums completed to date.  Al has written songs, including Rap for the Bullies Be Gone!  Project to empower children and teens to eliminate and prevent bullying.

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