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Effectively Eliminates & Prevents Bullying

I am Al Johnson the creator and founder of the Bullies Be Gone! Project. (BBGP)  Since 1985, I have taught thousands of children, teens, and adults anti-bullying, safety, keen street awareness, self-confidence, controlling and escaping from the bully techniques, and racial harmony, understanding & tolerance through original poetry & music, role-playing, and comprehensive training.Emotional Scars from Bullying can:

  • Cause unhealthy isolation in children and teens
  • Lead to suicide in children and teens
  • Cause a sudden unhealthy change in the child’s or teen’s attitude and personality
  • Bring about health issues in children and teens, especially relating to the stomach
  • Cause poor academic performance in school and/or wanting not to attend school
  • Cause a child or teen to become Bullies themselves

A Child or Teen who learns and applies Bullies Be Gone! Project Sustaining Skills and Techniques:

  • Will become keenly aware of his/her environment wherever they happen to be, which will dramatically enhance their chances of Effectively Eliminating and Preventing being Bullied
  • Will acquire methods of effectively implementing the necessary elements of surprise skills of “thinking on their feet” and “confusing the bully” in any bullying situation
  • Will learn and be able to immediately apply the Critical “Hitting the Light Switch” skill in any bullying encounter
  • Will have the confidence and training to effectively Eliminate and Prevent Bullying using the 3Rs and SIC to Defeat a Bully
  • Will have at their command Powerful Anti-Bullying WORDS, PHRASES & STANZAS through original training poetry and music taught in the Bullies Be Gone! Project, including poems to change the Bully’s Mindset, strongly encouraging them to cease his/her inappropriate behavior.
  • Will have developed skills and techniques 95% of children, teens, and adults DO NOT have knowledge of, no matter their place of residence (realistically, this percentage is probably higher)
  • Will have the skills and knowledge to solve their own Bullying problem with or without outside intervention through unique Self-Empowerment Training, unlike any other anti-bullying program

A child or teen Not knowing Bullies Be Gone! Project comprehensive Vital Life Skills are likely to become easy prey for a Bully verbally and/or physically, including cyberspace bullying.


Severe forms of Bullying begin in Middle School and if NOT effectively eliminated, the Bullying will only escalate as the child and teen become older.  

No matter how well-intended any anti-bullying program is, in order for a child or teen to Effectively and Permanently solve his/her Bullying problem or prevent one, they MUST be trained to do so through Self-Empowerment skills and techniques as taught in the Bullies Be Gone! Project.

  • Only a mere 32% of school-based anti-bullying programs are effective. The programs ARE NOT DESIGNED TO BE SUSTAINING and taught year-round in the classroom, just as academic courses are. 
  • Anti-Bullying, Social and Emotional Skills, and Mental Health MUST be required training for children and adults that addresses these issues. The Bullies Be Gone! Project embraces and is embedded with this training!

In the “Bullies Be Gone” Project’s  Effective & Comprehensive Training Course, your child or teen will experience the joy and confidence of not becoming a victim of Bullying

Give your child the opportunity to spend a little time learning comprehensive anti-bullying vital life skills that can give them more time to enjoy life as a child or teen, and not be fearful of it.

According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, if your child or teen DOES NOT acquire, practice, and retain effective anti-bullying skills and techniques as the ones taught in the Bullies Be Gone! Project, they could become victims of bullying. 

“The Bullies Be Gone! Project is comprehensive and effective.  Since 1985, my program  has successfully helped thousands of children, teens, and adults eliminate and prevent being the victims of Bullying.”

Check out the letter below:


Journal for Learning through the Arts

Liane Brouillette, Professor

School of Education

University of California, Irvine

Irvine, CA 92697-5500

March 4, 2020

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to recommend Al Johnson’s “Bullies Be Gone!” Project workshop for teachers.

For the last three years, Al Johnson has presented his anti-bullying workshop to aspiring teachers in my Arts and Human Development class at the University of California, Irvine. Having been a special education teacher for 25 years, he is keenly aware of how vulnerable middle and high school students can be to intimidation and abuse by peers. His presentation builds awareness of how attitude, words, and posture can be used to discourage mistreatment when adults are not present.   

Critical to these sessions are poems Al Johnson has written to exemplify the attitude with which a student should respond when surprised, intimidated, or confused by the aggression of peers. Students learn how, without using force, to utilize words and body language to confidently disengage from a confrontational situation. At the same time, students learn to be alert to possible threats in their environment. Using true stories, Johnson warns students of the danger of being constantly intent on one’s cell phone while walking down the sidewalk or across the street.

The aspiring teachers in my class have repeatedly expressed their appreciation for a workshop on helping students who may have been bullied and who are looking for ways to avoid continued victimization. Rehearsing how students may respond to common forms of aggression helps them to develop non-violent responses they can fall back on when others try to intimidate them.

Best regards,



Liane Brouillette, Professor

Even though I teach my program in person around the country, (depending on Covid) I, along with my highly qualified staff can only help so many children and teaching staff in person. 

Therefore, I’ve developed a comprehensive 19 module easy to follow training course. As part of the purchase, I’ll be giving you a license to use all aspects of my program in your school, youth organization, church, or community center.

How to implement the Bullies Be Gone! Project Training

  • Bullies Be Gone! Project certified personnel will instruct teachers, youth leaders, and community leaders on how to teach the anti-bullying poems and implement the comprehensive program for the children and teens you serve.  The program is highly recommended for schools as a year-round curriculum to ensure sustainability, grades 4 through 12
  • Suggested training for students consists of two modules per week (teacher discretion)

Bullies Be Gone! Project could literally save the lives and emotional wellbeing of the children and families you serve all for the low price of $997.00


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  1. Bullies Be Gone! Project Instructional poetry e-book, with Parent/Teacher Manual and Student Workbook
  2. Kids Awareness & Self-Confidence poetry e-book
  3. Kids & School poetry e-book
  4. Two (2) Half-hour online consultations with Al Johnson ($399 value)
  5. Online access to Al Johnson’s Coming Together in Harmony Audio poetry book, with original music teaching Racial Harmony, Understanding & Tolerance (Much needed in our society)

Total Bonus Value= $ 599

ORDER NOW!   The Complete Comprehensive 19 Module Bullies Be Gone! Project training  program for your HOME, SCHOOL, YOUTH ORGANIZATION, CHURCH OR COMMUNITY

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