Writing Contest

The Bullies Be Gone! Project is proud to announce its First Annual Anti-Bullying National Writing Contest

The Potential Impact Children’s and Teen’s Participation in the National

Bullies Be Gone! Project Writing Contest presents:

  • The opportunity to give a passionate personal written response on the subject of Bullying to the entire Nation
  • The opportunity to write an essay on Bullying that could help other children and teens across the Nation  eliminate and prevent Bullying
  • The opportunity to write an essay that could help change the mindset of Bullies encouraging them to become kind and respectful children and teens
  • The opportunity to express their opinions, suggestions, ideas, motivation, and much more on how to effectively eliminate and prevent bullying


  • Ages 9-17
  • Application Fee = $10

PRIZES: Two $500 Scholarships – Fifty $100 scholarships will be awarded


  • Judges will determine scholarship winners by originality, grammar, punctuation, context, passion, clarity, persuasion, flow, and creativity
  • Judging will be done by Al Johnson, twenty five years Special Education teacher, Anti-Bullying Expert/Creator/Founder of the Bullies Be Gone! Project, and a team of qualified professionals
  • Judge’s decisions are final


  • One submission only per entrant
  • Include the following for the entrant:

I give my child/children permission to participate in the Bullies Be gone! Project Scholarship Writing Contest:

  • Parent Signature:____________________________________________________________Address:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Contact # ____________________________________________________________________
  • Child Participant’s information:  (duplicate for more than one child)
    • Full name ________________________________________________________
    • Email address______________________________________________________
    • Complete mailing address _____________________________________________
    • _______________________________________________________________
    • Date of birth______________________________________________________
    • Recent Picture (for announcement of winners)
    • Short written statement: “Why I would like to receive this Scholarship”
    • _______________________________________________________________
    • _______________________________________________________________
    • _______________________________________________________________
  • Submitted draft must be original in content and entirely written by entrant
  • $10 Application Fee must accompany essay when submitted. Essay is to be submitted via email.  Application fee must arrive online via email within four days of essay submission.  No refunds.  No consideration without $10 Application Fee.
  • Submitted final draft must be typed (submit via email). See below for email address.
  • Minimum 1 page – maximum 4 pages

NOTE:  The number of pages written will have no bearing on the judge’s final decision

Although all submitted drafts will be judged equally, the age of the entrant will be taken into consideration regarding such things as sophistication and vocabulary.  Entrants will have 4 descriptive choices to choose from relating to Bullying.

Write on only one of the 4 choices listed below; give your essay a title


  1. Have you ever been bullied in the past?

Talk about how, when, and where the bullying took place.  How did you initially feel when confronted by the bully?  How often did the bullying take place? (Give details) How soon did you tell your parents or school officials, or did you keep your being bullied a secret?  Why?  Why not? If you no longer are being bullied, how was your bullying problem solved?  Do you have any suggestions that could help other kids who may be confronted by a bully, as you were?

  1. Do you think there is a serious bullying problem with children and teens today?

If yes, what makes you think there is?  Give concrete examples. What type of training do you think children and teens must have to effectively eliminate and prevent any bullying problem?

If you think there is not a serious bullying problem in our society with children and teens, whether in person or online, give your reason why you think this way.  Give concrete examples.

  1. In your opinion, what do you think makes a kid want to and eventually become a bully (in person or online)?  

Since no one is born a bully, what influences do you think cause one to become a bully?  In your opinion, how can we effectively and successfully change the mindset of bullies, transforming them from being a bully to being kindhearted and respectful to all deserving respect?  Give detailed solutions, back them up with facts (research).  Have you ever wanted to become a bully?  Were you once a bully?  How did you quit your bullying ways?  Give details.

  1. Do you think anti-bullying and social skills should be taught in schools as a curriculum in the classroom year-round as any other academic subject is taught? Why should there be a curriculum? Why not, if you don’t think so?  Give details to support your position.  Be persuasive! 


(Must be post marked or emailed on or before this date)

SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS ANNOUNCED:  July 31, 2020 or before, depending on number of entries

Contest sponsored by:  Al Johnson, Bullies Be Gone! Project Creator/Founder – al@antibullyingexpert.com

www.antibullyingexpert.com – www.bulliesbegoneproject.com

Submit $10 Application Fee to:


Submit completed essays via email:  bullies_be_gone@yahoo.com or al@antibullyingexpert.com