National Anti-Bullying Award

I recently returned from the National Conference on Bullying, which was attended by more than 500 participants across the country and internationally. Two programs received an award from the School Safety Advocacy Council and my program was one of the two. (see below).

After my presentation at the Conference, I have received requests for proposals to implement the Bullies Be Gone! Project Comprehensive Training and Certification of instructors from several schools across the country.

My program is effective, original, unique and unlike any other anti-bullying program. Since 1985, I have successfully taught thousands of Children, Teens, and Adults in California, Anti-bullying, Safety, Awareness, Self-Confidence, and Racial Harmony Skills and Techniques.

For your School/District/Community needs regarding Bullying Awareness and Anti-Bullying Training (including Cyberspace Bullying) complete the short questionnaire on, or email your concerns to or call directly.

Special Thanks, Go Out to All of You Who Nominated Me for This Award!